January 23: National Rhubarb Pie Day National Hot Tea Month
Guys, the fact that JANUARY 23rd is RHUBARB PIE DAY is ridiculous. Yes, I live in California, but rhubarb season is definitely not January. Without rhubarb, we can’t have rhubarb pie. Weird how that works, right?
Anyway, since it was literally impossible to make rhubarb pie to celebrate unless you live in the southern hemisphere or something, I had to celebrate National Hot Tea Month.
I actually don’t like tea. Or coffee. I am 100% fine with not liking coffee (stained teeth, bad breath, etc.), but I admit that it would be nice to like tea. It sounds like it would be nice to snuggle up with a warm cup of tea. But, to me, it’s nothing more than some hot bland water that tastes like flowers. :(


The only tea I like is passion tea from Starbucks… when it’s iced… and mixed with lemonade. Ha! This time, however, I sucked it up and ordered a HOT passion tea… with a million honeys. :)


Tomorrow: National Peanut Butter Day

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