October 6: National Noodle Day!
Guys… this is like, my day. MY DAY! I could live off of noodles. I mean, I pretty much did in college. Bryce seriously (seriously) wonders how I’m alive today (and healthy) since he says there are no nutrients in noodles (um, there are Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and folate!) and I eat few vegetables. The answer is: gummy vitamins, Luna bars and fortified cereals. Basically, if the apocalypse happens, I’m totally set because I can survive (and THRIVE) on cheap carbohydrates. Who needs spinach?!
Anyway, today is NOODLE DAY! I was overwhelmed with choices…. spaghetti? Elbows? Tri-color rotini? Wagon wheels?? Store-bought or homemade?? But then I realized that National Pasta Day is a mere eleven days from now. What differentiates a noodle from a pasta? I’m not sure, so I decided to play it safe and go with a variety that says “noodle” on the package.
Enter beef stroganoff’s best friend: the egg noodle. I actually don’t eat a lot of egg noodles… probably because I don’t eat a lot of beef stroganoff (go figure). My choices of noodles that actually say “noodle” on the package were limited to egg noodles, ramen noodles and rice noodles. I’m a big proponent of all three! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! But I didn’t feel like buying a bunch of Asian ingredients (sesame oil is expensive, yo!) to make the rice noodles taste like something and I felt like ramen was totally lazy. So, I decided to make a dish fit for a toddler (or me).
Buttered egg noodles with parmesan. A toddler classic! 
When I used to waitress at CPK we had buttered noodles on the kids menu for $4.99. I used to cringe when people would order it. Homie, you’re spending 5 bucks on a meal that’s worth maybe… 9 cents? I mean, I get it, I guess. Mom and Dad want to get out of the house and enjoy an Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, but Junior only eats buttered noodles and it’s worth spending 55X more than the actual cost of the noodles it if it means he will shut up. But still! Yeesh. Even I, a noodle lover, will never order anything I can make myself from a restaurant. It’s restaurant rule #1.
Tomorrow: National Frappe Day. 

5 Responses to “National Noodle Day”

  1. Stacie says:

    As I was scrolling down and saw National Noodle Day I thought “OMG, that is right up Anna’s alley” and then I saw your first sentence. Haha. We went to Noodles for dinner on Tuesday night and I thought of you because whenever I go to Noodles I think of you and how we used to go to the Noodles on State St.

    • Anna says:

      Noodles on State Street is the BEST Noodles. Probably because it was My First.

      They don’t have Noodles and Co. here in CA and it is pretty depressing.

  2. Stacie says:

    I agree. For some reason I always remember the Noodles on State Street tasting way better. It might just be the ambiance of the place too since it’s a cool building. How does CA not have Noodles or Potbelly’s? That’s not right.

    • Anna says:

      They JUST opened a Corner Bakery like, less than a week ago. Bryce texted me because he knows I have issues with the lack of “fast casual” here in CA.

      Potbelly’s stock is apparently doing really well so I hope that means they will expand. I tweet them often asking them to come to me.

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