December 8: National Chocolate Brownie Day
Maybe this is a dumb question… but aren’t all brownies chocolate? Isn’t that why they’re called brownies? What is a brownie that doesn’t have chocolate? A blondie? But that’s a blondie, not a brownie.


I was super pumped that my friend Natalie decided to have a last minute birthday party for herself on National Chocolate Brownie Day! It gave me somewhere to bring them! :) Thanks for being born, Natalie!!
Tomorrow: National Pastry Day

3 Responses to “National Chocolate Brownie Day”

  1. I make a killer butterscotch brownie. Way better than any chocolate brownie I A)have had, or B)could imagine, myself.

  2. I’m not entirely tuned-in to the nomenclature. Maybe others call my butterscotch brownies “blondies” or somesuch, but I’ve always known ’em as butterscotch brownies.

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