October 5: National Apple Betty Day!
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that an apple betty is basically a pie without a crust, but with a crumble on top. I pride myself in being a pie aficionado, so this was a pretty exciting food holiday for me. Much better than FRIED SCALLOPS DAY.
I used a mixture of Granny Smith and Pink Ladies… my usual “regular” apple pie apples. You know how some people have ESP? Or a tingly spidey sense? That some people can fly? And others can go invisible? My superpower is that I pick out the mealiest apple at the grocery store every.single.time. I was pretty pleased with my apple picking (from the store… not, like, actual apple picking) abilities today, though. Least mealy I’ve done in a while.
I served up Ms. Betty with vanilla bean ice cream. She’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it was a nice (and easy) fall dessert, but I missed the regular pie crust, to be honest.
Tomorrow: NATIONAL NOODLE DAY aka the holiest of days.