January 1: Apple Gifting Day
Happy 2014, friends! Or, as I prefer to refer to it as: Happy Year of the Horse!

year of the horse


I got a horse mask for Christmas this year, and decided to take photos wearing it all over the place. Bryce is, therefore, the default photographer and he already hates the horse mask less than one month into the year. Sorry I’m not sorry, Bryce. :)


In addition to Apple Gifting Day, today is also Bloody Mary Day. This makes sense seeing as many (many) people get crunk on NYE, but since my NYE alcohol consumption ended at 2pm once I had polished off a few glasses of prosecco, I was not in need of any hair of the dog.



Here is Bryce gifting me an apple.


Tomorrow: National Cream Puff Day

December 3: National Apple Pie Day
Don’t you feel like apple pie day should be in the fall? A HARVEST type of thing? No, you don’t think that? Well, you’re wrong.

I had a plan to get an apple pie from McDonald’s if necessary, but as it turned out, I had made an apple pie for a Thanksgiving potluck at work and had taken a leftover piece home and stuck it in the freezer. It pays to look ahead at the food days calendar!!
Tomorrow: National Cookie Day

October 31: National Candy Apple Day!


Happy Halloween, y’all! I recycled a costume from a few years ago…


Keeps ’em full, keeps ’em focused.



I guess today is UNOFFICIAL MINI WHEAT DAY! In case you’re one of the nut jobs who don’t understand my costume (“What are you?? Some sort of hairy face?”), perhaps this will refresh your memory:


I didn’t win the work costume contest. :( Some dick brought their baby and they won. Just kidding, they’re not a dick. Never mind, I’m not kidding, bringing a baby is totally cheating!


ANYWAY, today is National Candy Apple Day. Is a candy apple the same as a caramel apple? Caramel is a type of candy, so technically yes, right? But National Caramel Apple Day was on October 21… so I feel like a candy apple is something else (not that there is some STRICT food holiday naming protocol, but still). I feel like I’ve seen candy apples before… apples with a thick gross red shell on them or something? But I couldn’t find anything except caramel apples! So, twist my arm, I guess I’ll have to eat another caramel apple.


I ran into my friend Charlie at the grocery store… where I was buying nothing but a caramel apple. LOOK AT THAT DEDICATION!




Tomorrow: National Vinegar Day.

October 21: National Apple Day! National Caramel Apple Day! International Day of the Nacho!


Wow, guys! Three excellent days all rolled into one!



Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Only the best. Honeycrisp are the only apples I can buy that aren’t mealy spheres of mush. I’m seriously The Worst at picking out apples.



Nothing like some nachos to undo the spin class you just came from… 😐



I love Love LOVE caramel apples. Are Affy Tapples a Midwest brand? I haven’t seen them here… apparently California is Happy Apples territory?





Tomorrow: National Nut Day!

October 5: National Apple Betty Day!
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that an apple betty is basically a pie without a crust, but with a crumble on top. I pride myself in being a pie aficionado, so this was a pretty exciting food holiday for me. Much better than FRIED SCALLOPS DAY.
I used a mixture of Granny Smith and Pink Ladies… my usual “regular” apple pie apples. You know how some people have ESP? Or a tingly spidey sense? That some people can fly? And others can go invisible? My superpower is that I pick out the mealiest apple at the grocery store every.single.time. I was pretty pleased with my apple picking (from the store… not, like, actual apple picking) abilities today, though. Least mealy I’ve done in a while.
I served up Ms. Betty with vanilla bean ice cream. She’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it was a nice (and easy) fall dessert, but I missed the regular pie crust, to be honest.
Tomorrow: NATIONAL NOODLE DAY aka the holiest of days.