November 9: Cook Something Bold & Pungent Day!
When you think of “bold” and “pungent” foods… what do you think of? I think of onions. I think of garlic. I think of blue cheese. What food item happily and deliciously combines onions, garlic and blue cheese? A PIZZA!
I love making pizza. It’s so easy, and the results are almost GUARANTEED to be delicious… if you use a pizza stone. Public Service Announcement: If you don’t have a pizza stone, get thee to a kitchen goods specialty store (or Kohl’s… no judgment here… that’s where mine is from.) ASAP! Except if you’re single… then don’t get yourself one because I’ll probably buy one for you when you get married (it’s become a signature gift of mine). Homemade pizza is the only pizza in my life now that we live in California. Californians do a lot of things right, but pizza is not one of them. Luckily, when armed with a pizza stone, you can make a better pizza than many pizzerias, anyway. Early on in my pizza-making days, Bryce declared that my pizza was “better than Pizza Hut!”. I initially took this to be a back-handed compliment, but learned that this was very high praise since Pizza Hut was Bryce’s favorite pizza place (Minnesotans, like Californians, also aren’t known for their pizza…).
Anyway, I wish you many better-than-Pizza-Hit pizzas!
Tomorrow: National Vanilla Cupcake Day.

October 9: Moldy Cheese Day AND National Submarine-Hoagie-Hero-Grinder Day.
I was pretty pumped that submarine sandwich day fell on a Wednesday aka the day the 6″ turkey sandwich is the deal of the day at Subway. Sandwich, chips and a large fountain drink for $5.40! 
You know that scene from Sex and the City where Miranda orders the same order from the Chinese place every night? (Chicken with broccoli, brown sauce, brown rice and cold noodles.) And she thinks the Chinese takeout girl is mocking her for ordering in every night? That’s how I feel about the owner of the Subway by my work. I don’t even go there very often (maybe once a week?) and she acts like it’s soooo funny she knows my order and I’m soooo boring for always getting turkey. 
I know she’s likely just trying to be friendly, but ugh, I don’t know. Leave me alone! I like my sandwich the way I like it (turkey, american, lettuce, banana peppers, onions, jalapeños, light mayo, lots of yellow mustard, and oregano!). I don’t want to try your stupid cold cut combo! Again, leave me alone!
Anyway. If I had it my way (not Burger King), I would have eaten a Potbelly’s chicken salad sandwich on national sub day, because it’s the BEST sandwich ever. Alas, Potbelly’s does not exist in California! Hopefully one day, though. Fingers crossed. And toes. 
This evening I took on the second national food holiday: mold cheese day. I had a lovely moldy blue cheese on some crackers. I’m sure my breath is wonderful now. 
Tomorrow: National Angel Food Cake Day.