January 25: National Candy Month


Technically, January 25th is National Irish Coffee Day. And while you might think that I didn’t do it because I don’t like coffee (which is true!) BUT the real reason I didn’t drink one is because I was in Oakland all day working at COMPOSTCON (seriously, I woke up at 5am and didn’t get home until 11ish). So, I celebrated Candy Month with some Werther’s from my purse.

Here is a bonus photo! Here are the dirt cups I made for the kids’ corner of CompostCon!




Tomorrow: National Pistachio Day

November 4: National Candy Day


Guys, how is TODAY Candy Day? Why wasn’t it last week on Halloween? Everyone is sick of candy… no one cares to CELEBRATE candy today. Dumb.


Maybe I’m just crabby because I assumed people at work would bring in their Halloween candy leftovers. Correction: I assumed people at work would bring in their GOOD Halloween candy leftovers. You know, mini chocolate bars! NOT garbage candy. No one wants garbage candy.



Here’s some garbage candy I ate today to celebrate CANDY DAY. If you’ve never had Sugar Babies, one time is enough. I say that because once you eat them once, you’ll have them in your teeth for all eternity. Unrelated, doesn’t it look like little pieces of bacon on the package?


Tomorrow: Doughnut Appreciation Day

October 28: National Chocolate Day!


I’m not one of those womenfolk who goes super nutso over chocolate. Do I like chocolate? You betcha! Do I like chocolate as much as a Cathy comic would make you believe? No. But no one really does, right? Are there ladies out there who like, would shank someone for a Hershey bar? No, right? I mean, yeah, I’m gonna eat chocolate if it’s there (because I’m not an idiot), but this whole FEMALES LOVE THEIR CHOCOLATE. AND THEIR WINE. AND THEIR CATS. AND OMG THEY BLEED FOR DAYS AND DON’T DIE is tired and old and annoying and I sort of hate it.


That said! I do enjoy a candy bar. And turtles (the chocolate covered nuts kind, not the creatures that carry salmonella). And pudding. And chocolate cake (with non-chocolate frosting). And ice cream. But I feel that this is a UNIVERSAL thing and not an ovaries thing.



Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the plethora of FUN SIZED candies that are inundating our lives right now. Did you know that in order to be called FUN SIZE they need to contain zero calories? Cool, right?


Tomorrow: National Oatmeal Day

October 24: Good & Plenty Day.




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Okay guys, I’m about to say something drastic.

Dare I say… super drastic.

I think I’d rather eat another Chocolate Covered Insect┬áthan another Good & Plenty. I think I’d rather eat another Fried Scallop than another Good & Plenty. I think it’s safe to say that Good & Plenty are super duper gross. I ate one, Scotch taped up the box and will be sending them to my mom, the only person under the age of 80 to actually like black licorice. Blehhhh.

Tomorrow: National Greasy Foods Day