December 15: National Cupcake Day
I’m happy to announce that this is the last cupcake day! Who knew cupcakes were so popular?
Actually, everyone knows that cupcakes are popular. For no reason. Sigh.
bridesmaids cupcake
This time around, I made my own cupcake instead of giving another silly cupcake bakery five bones. I felt like Kristin Wiig’s character in Bridesmaids, making a singular cupcake.

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Except instead of a beautiful creation with a flower made of sugar on it, my cupcake was small (bad baking soda, I think) and pretty sad looking. Oh well.
Tomorrow: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

November 10: National Vanilla Cupcake Day.


The only thing good about vanilla cupcake day was being able to eat vanilla frosting.



I feel like the more popular cupcakes get, the more I hate them. The fact that there are numerous shows about cupcakes on TV is idiotic. Do people feel dainty eating a cupcake? Is it supposed to be quaint? Someone please explain the appeal of cupcakes to me, because I obviously don’t get it.


I was going to say that the only thing about awesome National Vanilla Cupcake Day is that we’ve exhausted national cupcake days (since National Chocolate Cupcake Day was on October 18), BUT NO. National CUPCAKE Day is December 15. Sigh.


Tomorrow: National Sundae Day

October 18: National Chocolate Cupcake Day!



I know this is unbelievable, but I wasn’t too excited for this day. You’d think I’d be super pumped to eat a cupcake, right? But chocolate cupcakes are so boring! And chocolate frosting is gross!



most interesting man


Seriously. If I’m going to eat a cupcake, it better be good. It better have cream cheese frosting. It better be coconut or carrot or something. If it’s going to be chocolate, it better not also have chocolate frosting.



Ugh. Seriously, why? Who likes chocolate on chocolate? The answer is no one, except idiots. CHANGE THAT ISH UP, YO!

Everyone loves a photo of me eating. Especially when I’m taking one for the team, right??



Tomorrow: Oatmeal Muffin Day.

October 10: National Angel Food Cake Day

Today was a big pain. No, I didn’t make an angel food cake. That would have been a different kind of pain (dividing a dozen eggs, beating, folding, buying a new pan, etc.). That was exactly WHY I didn’t make an angel food cake. Instead I decided to buy an angel food cake from the grocery store. I KNOW they sell them because whenever I see them I scoff, because I’m admittedly a jerk who judges store bought baked goods. BUT I thought it would be much, much easier to buy one in celebration of National Angel Food Cake Day than slaving away in the kitchen on a Thursday night instead of having a wine and movies night with some ladies (which is what I did instead).


Well… joke was on me because I went to Trader Joe’s, THREE Safeway’s, and two little pastry shops looking for angel food cake and NOPE. Why is Angel Food Cake Day in October, anyway? Shouldn’t it be in the summer? When you’d eat it with berries and not feel too bad about eating cake during bikini season since it’s like, made of air? Hmph.


Anyway, I was complaining about the lack of cake in one of the many bakery departments I was in and a lady told me about this cupcake place that makes angel food cake cupcakes. I was totally skeptical since I’ve never (ever) since angel food cake in cupcake form, but I needed to get on with it and get to movie night (+wine). So I went and the girl was all “yeah we use angel food cake batter in this one!!” and I probably looked at her funny because it was covered in coconut (again, what?) but I paid her and took the pink box.




I got home and took a bite and it was totally NOT angel food cake.




Liar liar pants on fire! This was totally a coconut cupcake. But I think this counts because I tried! I really did.



Tomorrow: National Sausage Pizza Day.