November 6: National Nachos Day!


This was the first day of my QUEST that I really didn’t feel like eating the daily “assigned” food. This is sort of strange, since you’d think that NACHOS DAY would be a holy day, but since International Day of the Nacho was so recent, it wasn’t as special. I was also in the mood for something/anything other than Mexican/Tex-Mex. Bummer for me! Boo hoo! Anyway, I persevered and lived to see another day.


Tomorrow: Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day.

October 21: National Apple Day! National Caramel Apple Day! International Day of the Nacho!


Wow, guys! Three excellent days all rolled into one!



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Only the best. Honeycrisp are the only apples I can buy that aren’t mealy spheres of mush. I’m seriously The Worst at picking out apples.



Nothing like some nachos to undo the spin class you just came from… 😐



I love Love LOVE caramel apples. Are Affy Tapples a Midwest brand? I haven’t seen them here… apparently California is Happy Apples territory?





Tomorrow: National Nut Day!