January 28: National Blueberry Pancakes Day

You know, I’m not really a pancake person. I really like pancakes, yes, but it wasn’t until I met Bryce that I realized there are people who are actually obsessed with pancakes. Unfortunately, Bryce has since gone gluten-free, but in our early days of dating we spent many mornings (or early afternoons :/) at breakfast places so Bryce could get his pancake fix.


My issue with pancakes isn’t that they aren’t good. They definitely are. My issue is that when I eat something, I like a variety. I like to have a bite of one thing, then a bite of another, then maybe two bites of something else, etc. I’m a fan of multiple flavors. When you order pancakes, you get a stack of 1,500 calories of pancakes. A bite of pancake… then another bite of pancake… then another bite of pancakes.


To solve this problem, when we go to brunch, I like to order a combo, if available. So when Bryce used to order wheat germ blueberry pancakes, I’d usually order the “18 Wheeler Dealer” like a lumberjack or something. But it is so much better! You get a pancake AND an egg AND some bacon or sausage AND potatoes! It’s the BEST. Unfortunately, people in California seem to like egg white broccoli scrambles and not 18 Wheeler Dealers. Combos do not exist! It’s so frustrating! We don’t go to breakfast very often anymore, but now it’s always a struggle choosing between salty or sweet instead of BOTH.


That’s the definition of struggle, right? Choosing between pancakes or eggs?

Anyway, pancakes for dinner is a rarity around here, but these were delicious, even without the sides.


Tomorrow: Corn Chip Day

October 13: National Yorkshire Pudding Day!!


Did you know that a yorkshire pudding isn’t a pudding at all? Maybe it’s because I’m a Yankee, but I assumed a “pudding” was a custard-y like dessert.


  1. 1.
    a dessert with a creamy consistency.
    “chocolate pudding”
  2. 2.
    a sweet or savory steamed dish made with flour.
    “Yorkshire pudding”


Huh. Well I’ll be! Anyway, Yorkshire puddings are typically served with roast beef. I also learned that, according to a 2008 ruling by the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Yorkshire pudding isn’t a Yorkshire pudding if it is less than four inches tall. Good thing mine were 4 inches tall!!


Turns out, Yorkshire puddings taste just like pancakes. Upon doing a bit of research, this isn’t surprising.  A recipe for Yorkshire pudding (aka dripping pudding… ew) was published in The Whole Duty of a Woman:


Make a good batter as for pancakes; put in a hot toss-pan over the fire with a bit of butter to fry the bottom a little then put the pan and butter under a shoulder of mutton, instead of a dripping pan, keeping frequently shaking it by the handle and it will be light and savoury, and fit to take up when your mutton is enough; then turn it in a dish and serve it hot.


Unfortunately, my book club has yet to read The Whole Duty of a Woman, but I’m glad that I wasn’t crazy when I thought “pancake!” after I took a bite. I didn’t have time to whip up any mutton tonight (or a roast beef for that matter), so I did what my taste buds told me to do and pretended they were pancakes. Breakfast for dinner!




Tomorrow: National Chocolate Covered Insect Day!