January 19: National Popcorn Day


What is there to say about popcorn? It’s pretty darn great. In all, forms actually… air popped, oil popped, microwave, kettle corn, jiffy pop, caramel corn, cheddar popcorn, covered in weird yellow oil at the movie theater… popcorn is cool!

Tomorrow: National Granola Bar Day

December 6: Microwave Oven Day
When you think of things you make exclusively in the microwave, what do you think of? Lean Cuisines? HUNGRY MAN? Popcorn?

I actually make popcorn NOT in the microwave under normal circumstances, but in honor of Microwave Oven Day, I decided to make an exception.
At work we have a “Munchie Mart”, where you can buy snacks and the proceeds go to our employee recognition events. Some of the snacks have little notes on them and you’re encouraged to give them to your coworkers. Or… yourself?

Tomorrow: National Cotton Candy Day