Well, I have begun my year-long food holiday adventure! And I celebrated twice! Today is World Vegetarian Day and I celebrated by eating a burrito for lunch and a burrito for dinner (so I guess it’s also Unofficial Bean Day).

October 1 is ALSO National Homemade Cookies Day. I’m not sure if they mean “cookies homemade on the day you eat them” day, but I’m going to say no. I made shortbread cookies for my birthday two weeks ago (is it weird to bake for your own birthday? Yes, it is weird? Oh, well then I definitely didn’t bake myself two types of cookies and a pie. Nope, didn’t do that…) and these were living happily in my freezer, just waiting for National Homemade Cookies Day.



Tomorrow: National Fried Scallops Day. This will be a challenge. Stay tuned.