January 20: National Granola Bar Day


What brands of granola bars do grown-ups buy? I usually buy Luna bars for breakfast (chocolate dipped coconut!!), but those are more “protein bar” than they are “granola bar”, right? They are filling! And packed with lady nutrients that help you be a lady and menstruate or something. Luna-r cycle! PERIODS!
Anyway, I also buy Quaker Chewy bars. Does this make me a toddler? Am I supposed to stop buying these and buy something more adult? Chewy bar commercials always involve kids and that creepy Quaker Oats man. They don’t involve hippie looking women being one with nature; that’s reserved for Nature Valley. I like Nature Valley granola bars, but once you bite into them you’re covered in crumbs! I thought this was just be being a pig, but apparently it’s a very common problem:


crumbs everywhere


Tomorrow: New England Clam Chowder Day

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  1. Stacie says:

    This graphic made me LOL. It’s so true!

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